033: Design Cook


Design Cook

Paul Sabandal

Paul Sabandal is the Head of Product Development at Qwikwire, a multi-awarded startup that provides cross-border payment solutions for real-estate — they handle international online payments for clients AyalaLand, Century Properties, Double Dragon and other top real-estate companies in the Philippines. He leads the end-to-end processes related to product discovery.

He also co-founded Figma Philippines, helping teach the collaborative design tool Figma through meet-ups for the community.   

In this episode, we talked about working while finishing school, raising funds for an ICO, starting a community group for a design tool, and a lot more.


Paul’s Website - https://www.paulsabandal.com/
AQWIRE - https://beta.aqwire.io/
Bonus from Paul: Value Proposition Canvas (Figma File) - https://www.figma.com/resources/assets/value-proposition-canvas/
Figma Philippines - https://www.facebook.com/groups/FigmaPhilippines/

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