032: The Front-end Designer


The Front-end Designer

Chi Señires

Chi Señires is a UI/UX Designer at TrueMoney Philippines, where she designs products to help the underbanked and underserved in our country. When not doing design work, she does front-end web development. 

Before graduating with a degree in Computer Science in 2016, she co-founded User Experience Society, the first student-led UX organization in the Philippines. She also served as the Associate Vice President for Publication at the Computer Society of the Ateneo, the home organization for Computer Science majors.

In this episode, we chatted about being the first and sole designer in a team, documenting your processes, aligning teams around outcomes, and so much more.


Website - http://chisenires.ph/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/ChiSenires
UX Society - https://www.uxsociety.org/
CompSAt - https://www.compsat.org/

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