034: Legal Design Whiz

Aris Acoba

Legal Design Whiz

Aris Acoba

Aris Acoba is a product designer and developer. He is currently the Head of Design at LawAdvisor, a legal technology company founded in Australia. He has been tumbling around Manila, Melbourne, and London, designing legal tech enterprise solutions. He has worked with companies like Mashup Garage, IdeasXMachina, Toyota Philippines, PAREF Southridge School, Lorenzana Food Corporation, and Eastwest Banking Corporation. He held positions in various industries such as banking, advertising, and currently startups.

In this episode, we talk about moving forward from doing advertising, working on your first product as a designer, flying to a different country and immersing in a different culture, and so much more.


Aris’s Website - http://arisacoba.com
Twitter - https://twitter.com/aris_acoba
CodePen - https://codepen.io/aris_acoba/
Dribbble - https://dribbble.com/aris_acoba
Mashup Garage - https://www.mashupgarage.com/
LawAdvisor - https://www.lawadvisor.com/

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