035: Branding Sorcerer

Jiggy Villanueva

Branding Sorcerer

Jiggy Villanueva

Jiggy Villanueva is a fresh Management Information Systems graduate from Ateneo de Manila University. For the past year, he served as the Executive Vice President of User Experience Society, the first student-led UX organization in the Philippines. He also led the branding team of JFFC, the biggest student web design conference in Asia. He interned as a UX Designer for companies like Make Technology and Kalibrr. In a few months, he will return to Kalibrr, as an Associate Product Designer.

In this episode, we talk about designing a brand for a conference, dealing with impostor syndrome as a designer, connecting Management Information Systems and UX Design, and so much more.


UX Society - https://www.uxsociety.org
Twitter - https://twitter.com/@jiggyvillanueva
Instagram - https://instagram.com/jiggyvillanueva
LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jiggy-villanueva-2784a513a/
JFFC 2017 (Wayback Machine) - https://web.archive.org/web/20180416141058/http://jffc.asia/

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