047: Design Co-Founder


Design Co-Founder

Jill Tiutan

Jill Tiutan is a product designer who currently studies Cognitive Science at UCLA. She has been designing professionally for the last 5 years and was most recently a product design intern at Factual, a big data company focused on location. Prior to that, Jill has also interned at Fjord (Accenture Interactive) in LA, and at GoGuardian, where she built Enterprise tools for schools. Apart from being an avid designer, she also co-founded Applica.me, which became a part of Stanford’s StartX student program in 2017.

In this episode we talk about building Applica as a  student design co-founder, getting internships in LA, finding a home in a fraternity, interning in the US, and so much more.


Medium - https://medium.com/@tiutanjill
Website - https://jtiutan.com/
Applica Feature - https://www.rappler.com/move-ph/issues/education/95508-applica-college-applications
StartX - https://startx.com/
Factual - https://www.factual.com/
GoGuardian - https://www.goguardian.com/
Fjord - https://www.fjordnet.com/

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