048: Design Evolutionist


Design Evolutionist

Andrei Gonzales

Andrei Gonzales is a Service and Interaction Design Associate Manager at Fjord Canberra, Australia, focusing on designing and delivering innovation for Government, Health, and Public Services. Previously, he was a Senior UX Designer at BCG Digital Ventures in Sydney, where he helped build  ventures that put the customer first. Before moving to Australia, Andrei was co-founder of Hugo Manila, a Philippine design consultancy, and a designer at InVision, a very popular prototyping tool, during what he describes as the “really early days”.

In this episode, we talk about designing for InVision, Andrei’s evolution in his design craft, what it means to design for a whole country, and so much more.


Twitter - https://twitter.com/andreigdesign
BCG Digital Ventures - https://www.bcgdv.com/
Fjord - https://www.fjordnet.com/
InVision - https://www.invisionapp.com/
Clark Valberg - https://twitter.com/ClarkValberg
Sophia Lucero - https://rootspodcast.design/podcast/sophialucero , https://twitter.com/sofimi
Hugo Manila - https://web.archive.org/web/20141220144048/http://hugomanila.com/

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