020: The Originator


The Originator

Dan Matutina

I caught up with Dan Matutina — a graphic designer and illustrator. He is a founding partner at Plus63 Design Co. and the Hydra Design Group. He has worked on projects for brands such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Pinterest, Airbnb, Samsung, WIRED Magazine, Fast Co., Wallpaper*, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, Coca-Cola, Havaianas, Heineken, Uniqlo to name a few. At Plus63 Design Co., he develops graphic design identities and systems for brands.

In this episode we talk about how Dan started his design journey, building a design social enterprise, forming a diverse design group, and a lot more.


Dan Matutina’’s Website - http://twistedfork.me/

Plus63 Design Co. - http://plus63.com/

Alexis Collado