007: Problem Solving Unicorn


Problem Solving Unicorn

Philip Cheang

I talked to Philip Cheang, the co-founder of By Implication, an award-winning independent software & game development studio he and his friends created after becoming the Champion of the Microsoft Imagine Cup. He is the product lead of Sakay.ph, a navigation tool that gives the best commute directions in Metro Manila. We talked about Phi’s journey, the origin story of By Implication, and how they refocused all efforts to work on Sakay.ph.


Phi’s Website - http://phi.ph/

Sakay.ph - https://sakay.ph/

By Implication - http://byimplication.com/

Microsoft Imagine Cup Winner Profile - https://news.microsoft.com/2010/07/08/imagine-cup-2010-world-finals-winner-profiles/

Wildfire - http://wildfire.byimplication.com/

Storylark - https://storylark.ph/

Alexis Collado