011: Hong Kong Hustler

Marianne Ho

Hong Kong Hustler

Marianne Ho

I talked to Marianne Ho, a Hong Kong-based UX Designer reimagining the way people think about money at HSBC. She previously held design roles at Cathay Pacific, L3 Bioinformatics, On-Off Design Technology, and Save22. In her spare time, she enjoys discussing about culture, identity and being a plant lady. 

In this episode, we talk about her time in ASES Stanford, hustling your way to a job, navigating bureaucracy, and a lot more.


Marianne’s Cleaver Site - http://ohmarianne.com/projects/index4.html

Blog - http://ohmarianne.com/

Medium - https://medium.com/@somarianne

ASES Stanford Summit - https://ases.stanford.edu/summit/

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